Why should you choose Lendan Hair Care?

Lendan products have been developed through the application of the most advanced scientific technology and not only do we see exceptional, effective results but Lendan also constitutes a real pleasure to use.
- Lendan only uses the very finest PLANT, MARINE and VEGETAL ingredients.
- Lendan does not use any animal derived ingredients.
- Lendan does not test on animals.

- Lendan uses recyclable packaging.

- Lendan products are dermalogically tested.
- Lendan are Exclusively Salon Only.
- Lendan has its own product research and development centre.
- Lendan provides exclusive training programmes.
- Lendan offers a high level of customer service and support.
Not completely convinced?
Read some of our Customer Testimonials...
My wife and I are devotees of the Hair to Go Boomerang Hair Styling Wax and really love this product. It does exactly as it says on the container. We love that it keeps our hair in the style we want all day! I personally find this product keeps my hair looking good and natural as no one can tell I even have it on. I can use it with wet or dry hair and it delivers excellent results either way. Other products tend to leave my hair looking tacky and feeling dry and awful, but not so with Boomerang. Although the price seems a bit high, it has not deterred us from buying it, as when you’re on a good thing...price often comes second when choosing a really good product.
Since our introduction to Lendan, both my wife and I are now keen to try some of their other products.
John QLD
I have been using the Hair to Go Superglue for a couple of weeks now - in general I can report as follows:

1. The feeling in the hand is smoother than the Look Forms Extreme Styling Gel -
    slightly more creamy. The old gel seemed slightly lumpier in the hand.
2. It is quite smooth when applied through the hair.
3. The smooth feeling of the gel in your hand gives the impression that the hold factor
    might be less than the Look Forms Extreme Styling Gel, but it appears to be about
    the same.
4. The smell is ok.
5. It seems to hold the hair quite well.
6. It washes out in plain water without leaving much stickiness or residue.
Overall it seems pretty good. At this point I would say I like it slightly more than the Look Forms Extreme Styling Gel. I would be happy to reorder it when I run out.
Paul P.
Since completely changing to Lendan, I have had nothing but positive feedback from all clientele. Some of the comments from these clients have been:
1. My scalp isn’t burning while colour is processing.
2. From each application of colour while applying, clients are commenting that they
   can’t feel the colour where it was applied on last section of hair.
3. Colours are fantastic as far as shades go.
4. Colour coverage is great.
5. The shine is awesome.
6. My hair feels in such fantastic condition.
7. It is a natural looking colour.
8. The colour fumes are less invasive.
I personally feel being the colourist in my salon, that I have finally found a colour product that can deliver to my clients, what they need to be protected from. The colour goes further when mixed than traditional colours, and I am finding that I am using approx. 10+ grams per head, less than before, so I am actually saving.
Lendan’s Seducta Sweet Perm Solutions are again less invasive in perfumes, and once neutralizing is completed, the perm fumes seem to disappear altogether. The client’s hair feels and looks great.
Retail products are amazing also. I have had very stubborn clientele, when it comes to styling products or shampoos / conditioners, and I am selling very easily to these clients with Lendan. I have had one client in particular, that I have had no joy in selling a good hairspray to in 14 years of having her as a client. I have since sold her a hairspray from the Lendan range and she is sold on it herself!

The shampoos and conditioners sell themselves at the basin. The range is just so good to use, you get exactly the hold you want from using the products that are chosen for the finished result you want to achieve. Great to use in combination also. Clients are just so impressed with the finished results.
Even though I have been on board with Lendan a short time of writing this testimonial, I feel I can offer sound advice that the product is far superior than anything I have ever used in the 22 years that I have been hairdressing.
Karyn S.
Before using Lendan, my hair was lifeless and the colour looked drab - it drew the life out of my face. Since using Lendan Colour, I have added life to my whole face and it has given me the confidence to explore slightly bolder colours (and I am very conservative). My hair feels great for ages after the colour has been put in. No dryness and it feels so soft; unlike the dry, harsh chemical treatment I used to get. Also, the colour doesn’t give you a fright once it develops and then take a couple of weeks to fade down. It looks great from day one! I would never go back to the old way.
I like the fact that I am not damaging my hair by colouring it and it smells good - no chemical overload! Everytime I get it done everyone comments on how lovely and healthy my hair looks.
If I had to go to another hairdresser and they didn’t have Lendan then i would not go there!
That’s how strong I feel about the product. I can’t say enough about it!
Liz K.
My previous hairdresser had attempted to colour my hair but following three applications of different colours in one sitting, my hair had become brittle and was starting to break off.
Using the Lendan product range I have found:

- The colour range gave me the diversity I required without damaging my hair further,
  even though I had frequent changes.
- The shampoo and conditioner ranges prolonged the life of the colours as well as
  treating me hair which was in terrible condition.
- The treatment product quickly restored the health of my hair without being “heavy”
  once applied. It quickly dealt with the frizzy state of my hair and smoothed the hair
  and returned its softness.
- The styling and finishing products are particularly natural when applied to the hair.
  In particular the Hair to Go Twister Mousse and Boomerang Construction Cream. Once
  applied they remain light on the hair allowing natural movement whilst retaining body    
  and hold. The UV protection has stopped the yellowing of my hair (which it is prone
  to) and the Boomerang provides definition and further hold.
Melissa B.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight at the wonderful perm I obtained using Lendan’s Seducta Sweet Perm Solutions.
It was a real pleasure to go home with my hair soft and shinning, smelling of a delicate perfume, rather than harsh, dry and stinking of chemicals. It has been several months since the perm and my hair is still soft and holding the curl. With a regular perm I would have had to get my hair cut to get rid of the dry split ends by this time.
Kathleen H.
I had heard about Lendan products through friends. I have now been using Lendan’s Pilosome Stimul Hair Loss range for almost 3 months and I am so amazed by the results. I have already noticed several small hairs developing! I am extremely happy with Lendan Products and would recommend the range to anyone!
Pollen C.
I was introduced to Lendan in 1998, when I tried the Activia Plant Colour Range. This proved to be a turning point in my career as a professional hairdresser. I was concerned about chemicals in particular with permanent colour. Lendan’s Activia Plant was the first low ammonia product in Australia as was the Activia Soft Ammonia Free Colour System.
The Lendy’s Lightening System and specifically the new Lilac Dust-Free Lightening Powder are amazing, leaving the hair in better condition after lightening than before the actual service.
Our salon team recently attended a Retail Workshop and found the evening very informative and inspiring. We all love the Hair To Go Styling Products, especially the Chic Fix Hairspray, as I in particular specialize in long-hair design, red carpet formal, bridal party’s etc, and have found that with Chic Fix I have a super-hold product that has strength but also a unique flexibility which allows the hair to look natural without falling down.
Lendan’s Care Series ranges are excellent for all types of hair, and what is special and provides fantastic results is the fact that all the Care Series ranges can be used together meaning you have endless possibilities and can always find a solution for any hair type.
Thanks LENDAN!
Annette Z.
Since opening our salon in 2007 we have used and loved Lendan professional and retail products. As our team grows each member is falling in love with the results we can achieve with Activia Plant, Diamond and now So Unic. The low ammonia and now no ammonia formulations have given us a low fume, pleasant environment and our apprentices are now finding they no longer have itching hands after being at the basin all day as they once had with previous products.

Our clients are loving the fresh, natural fragrances and healthy, shiny results we achieve with all the colouring systems as well as the longevity of their colours, including the reds. With such an extensive palette we are able to personalise colours for our clients and create individual looks that are both bold or natural from day one that maintain their glow until their next visit.
Being in Queensland, we have a very large blonde clientele and since the release of Lendys Premium, Lendys Gentle and the peak performance of Lendys Highlifts we have advanced to the next level. Our beautiful blonde results look and feel amazing, hair condition is soft, almost luminescent and the individual tones we can create inspire our whole team.

Grey coverage using Diamond has been revolutionary. With at least 50% of our clientele having more than 50% grey hair, Diamond filled our much needed market. Our clients wanted coverage but they also wanted shine and reflect, not boring, dull or matte colours that only made them look older. Diamond allowed us to get the coverage and the reflects we needed while improving the appearance and condition of our clients hair, making it softer, shinier and youthful.

Once Lendan decided to support Make a Wish Australia we found an even better reason to now stock Lendans full retail lines as our main retail base. Hair To Go has been so popular with our staff and our clients for the fabulous results, great fragrances...Tiramisu being one of the favourites in Hot Works and very affordable prices. The Care Series has enabled our clients hair to remain in peak condition and everyone loves the combination packs which ensure an easy home maintenance plan clients are actually willing to do. Botanical ingredients mixed with just enough cosmetic technology to get the results we are all looking for.

After years of using other professional and retail brands in previous salons we feel we have finally found our business partner in Lendan. A company that is willing to evolve and continue to produce higher quality products that better our work environment as well as giving back to the community is one we respect and will enjoy being part of for many years to come.
Larissa T.
I have been using Lendan now for 8years now and I love it!  The long lasting, richness, & coverage of all the Lendan colours are amazing.  Clients have never complained about smell, stinging or colour fading.  In addition, the new smell of the So Unic is Fantastic!
Over the 8 years of working with Lendan as a salon manager and salon owner I have never had a bad experience with training, technical support & salon support. The guys and girls are always there to help...
I’ll be using Lendan for many years to come!!!
Not Tested on Animals.
No Animal Derived Ingredients.
Plant Based Ingredients
Recyclable Packaging used
Lendan’s Philosophy is based on respect for Nature, Scientific Research and Salon Only.
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